Travel Essentials – 7 Must Haves

With ongoing changes to travel requirements differing from one country to the next, it’s always a good idea to have a plan in place should we need to adjust our plans while we visit abroad. We recommend visiting your local government website or government approved travel information site to keep up to date with travel guidelines. BC’s guidelines can be found here.

That said, here’s a brief list of travel essentials to keep in mind before making travel plans –even if your destination is only to a neighboring state or province. (Article written primarily for ground travel)

1. First Aid Kit.
A good first aid kit does not need to be robust – just a few ‘must-haves’ in case your in a pinch. Make sure to pack band-aids, gauze, pain relief meds, anti-nausea meds, and any prescription medication you may be taking – this is especially important for chronic health conditions such as asthma or diabetes – remember, your doctor prescribed medication may not be readily available to where you are going, so best not to assume and pack accordingly!

2. Adapters, Charging Cables and Power Blocks.
This is often one of the last things thought of when packing for travel. Ensure that you have the designated gear for your specific devices, and pack them safely in your luggage before packing it with clothing. This way, it’s out of the way and done so you can focus on getting everything else ready for your trip. Plus, the clothing will protect any delicate connectors as well.

3. Keep your valuables on you.
Using your passport as a means of identification? Planning on taking a few snaps with that Polaroid? Tuning into an audiobook with those Bluetooth headphones? Best to stow these valuables away in your go-bag, or purse so you know where they are at all times. Avoid leaving your go-bags in the vehicle when you stop somewhere so as not to attract unwanted attention

4. Pack only every-day fashion clothing – keep the fancy at home
Sure, you might head out to an up-scale restaurant for dinner, but chances are it’s not a black tie event (If it is, by all means pack at least one suit or dress). Pack as light as you can for the time you are away. A good rule of thumb is for every 2 shirts, 1 pair of pants. Of course, you want to make sure to pack according to where your destination is, so if you’re hitting a beach somewhere, make sure you packed your bathing suit!

5. Leave room for vacay purchases.
We all love a good find when we’re travelling away from home. Make sure to leave a little extra room in that suitcase if you are planning to grab a few hot finds while you’re on holidays

6. Check the weather before hitting the road
Let’s face it – the weather changes unexpectedly and either leave you high and dry, or out in the rain. Make sure to do your due diligence and tune into the latest weather reports to wherever you are headed and the highway reports headed there and back. Nobody wants to get stuck in a hairy situation unexpectedly.

7. Let your People Know
It’s not necessary (or advisable) to broadcast the fact that you are headed out of town on social media, but it is a good idea to let trusted friends and family know when you are departing to your destination, and when you plan to arrive. Keeping people in the know of your whereabouts can get you out of a jam should you come across a difficult situation.

It’s often when we are well prepared that we can fully enjoy being on a trip away from home – we hope this quick guide is helpful to you while you plan your next adventure!

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