5 Advantages of Travelling via Motorcoach

These days it’s easy to get somewhere at the turn of your ignition key. Most people either own, or have access to a personal mode of transport. That said, group travel remains to be a trusted method of getting to and from work, or wherever your destination may be. Travelling by Motorcoach is still a go to for many, including corporate, industrial, and even professional sports groups.

Here are 5 advantages of Motorcoach travel.

1. It’s Environmentally Friendly. Ever been encouraged to Carpool? Travelling via Motorcoach is the ultimate way to carpool, which leads to less vehicle emissions if you and your group were to travel solo by way of their own vehicles. It is estimated that charter buses get 5 times better gas mileage per person than the average consumer vehicle.

2. It’s a less stressful way to travel Planning your travel experience is quite the task all on it’s own. Add to that the stress of having to decide who is behind the wheel for your trip can create some unwelcome stress – especially if you are out on a long haul. Travelling via Motorcoach can alleviate the stress of thinking about getting behind the wheel. With a professional driver, you can kick back, plug in, and enjoy the ride

3. It’s a Safer Way to Travel Statistics in North America show that motorcoahes are one of the safest ways to travel on the road. Ongoing driver training, regular safety checks, and accountability ensures one of the smoothest and trusted ways to travel

4. It’s Affordable One of the draws of travelling via motorcoach is the cost – you can still travel in a reasonable standard of luxury, enjoy leather seats like that first class plane seat, for a fraction of the cost. When it comes to stretching out the savings, a motorcoach helps you put more money towards your experiences abroad as opposed to the higher cost of air travel

5. It’s Comfy Instead of focusing on the wheel and the road in front of you, a motorcoach is equipped to make your ride a smooth one. Air-ride suspension, features like on-board WIFI, USB ports, plush seating make sure that you can enjoy a comfortable ride and stay entertained to pass the time.

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