Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Carriage


All fare types can be purchased as either one-way or roundtrip. A roundtrip purchase at the time of transaction will result in a savings discount. All fare types qualify for rewards points, provided the traveller has registered for QUICK REWARDS and is logged into their account at the time of ticket selection and transaction.

All fares allow for one personal article as a carry-on item. A personal article is defined as 6″ x 13″ x 17″ (16 cm x 33 cm x 43 cm) and weighing a maximum of 22 lbs (10 kg). Baggage exceeding those restrictions must be placed in the lower baggage area for a fee. Oversized and sports equipment are assessed separately. See dimensions & weight restrictions in “Baggage” section.


  • ECONO was developed for the traveller who is focused on the cheapest fare. Book early to get the best discount(s) and the cheapest seat selection. This fare is non-refundable & non-changeable.
  • ECONO+ was developed for the traveller who is focused on cost yet might need to change their departure date or time. Therefore, it can be changed for a small fee but is not refundable. Book early to get the best discount(s) and the cheapest seat selection. Baggage is to be selected at time of purchase for a fee.
  • FLEX was developed for the traveller who feels it is probable they will change their departure date or time; therefore, this fare allows for one change without an additional fee. After one change, additional changes will incur a fee. This fare is non-refundable. Baggage is to be selected at time of purchase for a fee.
  • FLEX+ was developed for the ultimate flexibility and gives one free bag in lower compartment. The base fare is refundable up to 14-hours before departure (minus all applicable fees). This fare also allows for one change to departure date or time. Changes beyond one change are subject to the standard change fee.
  • PROMO was developed to offer our customers special sales, from time-to-time, to recognize special events and promotions. The terms and conditions of this fare will vary based on the promotion being offered and may included limited dates, numbers, or bus stop pairings. Therefore, look for such promotions via our advertising or website.

Tickets are limited to the service as indicated on the digital copy and / or hardcopy and are non-transferable. The unauthorized resale of Quick tickets is strictly prohibited. If you wish to become a ticket reseller, please contact Quick. No reservations are taken, so a ticket must be purchased to secure a seat. Tickets are valid only for the schedule, date, and time for which purchased. Quick is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets; however, our Customer Excellence Centre can help you digitally locate your tickets. At time of boarding, you must be able to produce either a digital or hardcopy of your ticket and have matching identification.

The price of various fare types is published on the Quick website. Fare information can also be obtained by contact the Customer Excellence Centre. Fares are displaced in U.S. dollars (USD) but can be paid in Canadian dollars (CAD), U.S. Dollars (USD), some cryptocurrency types, and in cash (at bus only).

Fares are valid only for the schedule, date, and time for which quoted; however, certain fare types do allow for flexibility. See “FARE TYPES”. To give choice of seating, all fares are required to select a seat for a fee. All fare types are subject to a small, transaction fee and, when crossing an international border, a processing fee. A ticket purchased over the phone is subject to a small telephone agent fee. This telephone fee is not applied to online purchases.

A discount is available, with proper identification, to students (post secondary), and military or police in both USA and Canada.

Only certain fare types allow for changes and / or refunds. Please ensure you read the “FARE TYPES” to know the limitations and flexibility of each type. Where a change or refund is allowed, it may or may not be subject to a change fee. Please note that transaction fees or telephone surcharges are not refundable or transferable and such changes do incur transaction fees and possibly a telephone booking surcharge at the time of processing.

  1. A passenger is required to follow the laws of the country, state, province, or region they are travelling from, transitioning, or arriving to.
  2. No weapons or illicit drugs of any kind are to be carried onboard at any time.
  3. To ensure health, safety, comfort, and orderliness, a passenger is required to follow the instructions of QUICK staff and the bus driver.  
  4. Unruly, non-compliant, or illegal behavior is not tolerated and will result in denied boarding or ejection from the trip at the expense of the passenger.  Therefore, QUICK reserves the right to refuse transportation to any person, article, or goods or to remove same from any bus, or from any stop or other property occupied by QUICK. Such behavior(s) may result in a banning from QUICK services and reporting to authorities. 
  5. QUICK is under no obligation to accept for carriage any luggage or accept any vehicle, article or goods which do not meet its requirements with respect to identification or condition. QUICK has the right, but not the obligation, to verify in the presence of the passenger the contents of luggage, and, to open and examine such luggage whether or not the passenger is present.  
  6. When crossing an international border, all passengers and their belongings will be presented to border agents.  Passengers are solely responsible for the permissibility of themselves and their belongings into the entry country.  The issuance of a QUICK ticket does not represent border crossing permission.  Passengers denied border crossing will not be refunded and are at their own expense for remaining travel to their destination.
  7. QUICK shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience suffered by any passenger resulting from late, delayed, or cancelled trips, arrivals, or departures regardless of the cause or from any change or deviation in any schedule of trip times from those published by QUICK.  Departure dates and times may change. QUICK is not responsible for delays caused by breakdowns, road conditions, weather, or other conditions beyond carrier’s reasonable control.  However, carrier will make reasonable attempts to minimize the delays and/or make alternate arrangements to enable bus travel to your final destination.
  8. Any and all costs incurred by the QUICK in respect of any luggage or articles left unattended or in an unauthorized location or for non-payment of fees or expenses shall be for the account of the passenger and the QUICK shall have a lien on such luggage or vehicle for such amounts. If bags or articles are left or abandoned on a bus, then QUICK may remove them at the sole risk and expense of the owner. QUICK shall not be liable for any damage caused by or to such property or its contents even if caused by the QUICK’s negligence.
  9. Only service animals, with proper identification, will be accepted.  QUICK shall not be liable for any loss, detention, damage, injury causing death or illness caused to or by live animals however or wherever such loss, detention, damage, or injury occurs even though caused by any act, neglect, or default of the QUICK.
  10. QUICK shall not be liable for the quality, nature, or consequence of any first aid or treatment or assistance which may be administered. Nor does QUICK state that it is able to administer such.  Passengers are required to advise the QUICK of any and all health issues or concerns prior to ticket purchase and boarding.  With such conditions, the individual is solely responsible for travelling under the approval of a physician.
  11. If directed or requested by a governmental authority to do so, QUICK may refuse carriage to any person or vehicle for any reason including travel for non-essential purposes.  Additionally, this may include the provision of the manifest of all those onboard a trip.  QUICK will not release passenger names or details, nor affirm or deny carriage to non-authorities.  
  1. QUICK will not carry Dangerous Goods of any kind.  This includes lithium batteries not installed in a device. 
  2. No baggage is to be leaking, omitting fumes, or offensive odors, must hold its contents, and must not have sharp or pointed protrusions.
  3. All fares allow for one personal article as a carry-on item.  A personal article is defined as 6″ x 13″ x 17″ (16 cm x 33 cm x 43 cm) and weighing a maximum of 22 lbs (10 kg).  Baggage exceeding those restrictions must be placed in the lower baggage area for a fee.
  4. Bags not permitted as carry-on must be placed in the lower baggage compartment and is subject to a fee.  It is highly recommended that this is purchased at the time the ticket is booked.  Expectable baggage for a fee maximum allowance by type are:
    1. NORMAL = A single item with a maximum weight of 50 lbs (23 kg), and with a maximum linear dimension of 62” (158 cm).  Linear dimensions are calculated by adding together the bag’s greatest outside height, width, and length – wheels and handles included.  Fee applied.  See website ticket process or call.
    2. OVERSIZED or EQUIPMENT = Will only travel subject to space availability and must not be over 70 lbs (32 kg).  Item must be securely wrapped so as not to become separated.  For example, ski poles & skis all together in a bag or container or wrap.  Fee applied.  See website ticket process or call.
  5. Passengers requiring special assistance with their baggage must call via telephone and / or contact the driver of the bus to make such arrangements.
  6. QUICK expressly disclaims liability for any missing, lost, or damaged baggage and for any injuries caused by or resulting from shifting or poorly placed baggage. It is recommended that passengers keep valuable items, including essential devices or medicines, with them provided such items are acceptable size and weight for carriage within the cabin of the bus.  
  7. Passengers are responsible for tagging and identifying their baggage.  It is recommended that, as a minimum, this includes a name, address, and phone number.  For border crossing, all baggage in the lower compartment is to be tagged with owner’s identification.
  8. Passengers stowing baggage in the lower, baggage compartment do so at their own risk and only if their ticket indicates a baggage amount.  The loading and unloading of the lower, baggage compartment only occurs when an agent of QUICK is present.  No passenger is to open, close, or search the lower baggage compartment.  Such is deemed as trespassing.  
  9. All attempts at theft will be reported to authorities and will result in a permanent ban from QUICK services.
  10. Passengers are responsible for retrieving their baggage immediately upon arrival.  They are also responsible for transferring their baggage when connecting with another bus or transportation service.


All fully vaccinated individuals 5 or older entering Canada are no longer required to produce proof of negative PCR or Rapid test. All individuals are still required to download the ArriveCAN app and enter proof of vaccination, their quarantine plan, and travel information up to 72 hours prior to date of travel. All individuals are required to have a valid passport or Nexus Card to enter Canada.

**Please note: If the ArriveCAN app is not used, you will not be considered a fully vaccinated traveler, even if all previous requirements are met.**

You can download the app here:

US residents, nationals or green cardholders will be allowed access to the United States without proof of vaccination.

All Canadian and Foreign citizens are required to produce their proof of vaccination along with a valid passport or Nexus card.